A Hike Through Life

A Hike Through Life

Adventure, clarity & focus through events, hikes, and walks to enhance your outlook and outcomes


Powermastery & A Hike Through Life

Powermastery took shape over a decade ago. It evolved into the next companion chapter, A Hike Through Life. This chapter enhances the results that show up in your life, career, and relationships. It addresses areas that move it's guests' from being stuck in their yesterdays to move them to today and into a new tomorrow. Powermastery offers practical hands-on no fluff monthly empowerment outings, workshops and retreats that get its guests deep into their rabbit hole and guides them to a place where they can confront their fears, quiet their anxieties, and breakthrough into amazing areas they never believed possible.

A Hike Through Life amplifies and generates results through physical intersection and false evidence appearing real. For example, it employs methodology used by those who can successfully integrate subconscious dialog with human physiology. A Hike Through Life provides local day and multi-day trips, walks, cultural immersions and international outings. A Hike Through Life programming is for adults of all ages. It is the adventure and culture travel extension of Powermastery.

Powermastery, workshops are great for adults. Most are intended for older Millennials and Baby Boomers although the programming is useful for all ages. Topic areas include: physical and emotional wellness, holistic health and lifestyle, relationship building, workforce development, business start-ups, financial planning and investments, mindfulness and travel.

Powermastery connects you with your inner voice through immersive metaphors and high touch experiences. Our events employ activities that stimulate your neuro-chemistry resulting in new empowering beliefs, increased self confidence, a determined mindset, better relationships with others, a heightened emotional state, and expanded brain activity. In simple terms the events ultimately increase your ability to come up with better solutions in your life, relations, and career.